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"The questions actually really make me think about the answers and made me look deep inside myself and the feedback is so helpful. Couldn’t be more glad to have found this page." ❤️
“Thank you so much... being able to do the self assessment has helped me greatly. Excellent tool to help rationalise ones thoughts and see how to help yourself. Highly recommend!"
“You don't realise until you take the test. This made me feel better. Thank you!"
“Didn’t know it’d explain it so throughly. I feel better. I just had a really bad meltdown and couldn’t stop shaking it’s really annoying. I don’t know why I’m writing this in the feedback section but I like this test."
"This has given me areas to focus on and sound advice which I will follow. It’s given me a different perspective and I feel a bit lighter and uplifted."
“Very insightful and gave me ideas to improve my depressed state I will get out if bed now and cycle."
“It helps me keep track and improve my mental health and takes many factors into consideration."
“Very amazing test! Was quite surprised at the complexity of the questions and the result descriptions. I found high value in this test!"

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